Yupps, today is Nana's birthday. Now, she is two years old. She is very sute and clever, and smart. Yes, she is so smart if compared with other peers ofher. She can follow me pray before eating, before sleeping, after praying. She also follows me praying and she will answer Amien if I have completed my Al Fatihah, and she follow all my activities during praying.
I cannot give something surprise her because recently I have many works that I should complete. Beside that, this time, I should guide my other kids entering their new school and graduating their old school. My first, Mas Nur, is waiting for the announcement of his graduation from elementary school, then I should prepare his registration to new school. My second, Kak Ida, is completing her final test in fifth grade. My third, Kak Dhila, is waiting for her graduation from kindergarten and I should prepare her registration to new elementary school. My fourth, Kak Ifa also should prepare her registration in entering her new kindergarten.
In this case, not only spending my energy physically and psychologically, yet also economically. So for Nana, I just give my big hugs and love kisses, and of course my everlasting love.