Momoffive Song this Weekend: A Shoulder to Cry On

Life is full of lots of up and downs,
But the distance feels further,
When it's headed for the ground,
And there's nothing more painful,
Than to let your feeling take,
You down.

It's so hard to know,
The way you feel inside,
When there's many thoughts,
And feeling that you hide,
But you might feel better,
If you let me walk with you,
By your side,

And when you need,
A shoulder to cry on,
When you need,
A friend to rely on,
And when the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause i'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be yur friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone cause i'll be there,

All of the times,
When everything is wrong,
And you're feeling like,
There's no use going on,
You can't give it up,
I'll help you work it out,
And carry on,

Side by side,
With you till the end,
I'll always be the one to firmly hold your hand,
No matter what there said or done,
Our love will always continue on,

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on,
Everyone needs a friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause I'll be there,
I'll be your shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there,
I'll be your friend to rely on,
When the whole world is gone
You won't be alone,
Cause I'll be there,
You have my shoulder to cry on,
I'll be there
I'll be the one to rely on,
When the whole world is gone,
You won't be alone,
Cause I'll be there,

And when the whole world is gone,
You always have my shoulder to cry on.

This song was released by Tommy Page on 1989. Tommy Page (born Thomas Alden Page, May 24, 1970, Glen Ridge, New Jersey) is an American singer, best known for his 1990 hit single, "I'll Be Your Everything".  

Lyrics | Tommy Page lyrics - A Shoulder To Cry On lyrics


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Momoffive Song for This Weekend: Stuck on You

I've got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose
Guess I'm on my way
Needed a friend
And the way I feel now
I guess I'll be with you 'til the end
Guess I'm on my way
Mighty glad you stayed

I'm stuck on you
Been a fool too long
I guess it's time for me to come on home
Guess I'm on my way
So hard to see
That a woman like you could wait around for a man like me
Guess I'm on my way
Mighty glad you stayed

Oh, I'm leaving on that midnight train tomorrow
And I know just where I'm going
I've packed up my troubles and I've thrown them all away
'Cause this time little darling
I'm coming home to stay

I'm stuck on you
I've got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose
Guess I'm on my way
Needed a friend
And the way I feel now
I guess I'll be with you 'til the end
Guess I'm on my way
I'm mighty glad you stayed

"Stuck on You" is the title of a song written by and originally recorded by Lionel Richie. It was the fourth single released from his second studio album Can't Slow Down on 1984, and achieved chart success, particularly in the U.S. and the UK.

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Tetada Kalimasada Indonesia: It's More than Relaxing Body and Soul

This year I got attacked by gastric acid reflux again, that was very annoying me and my family. This also made my body weight got decreased drastically. Firstly, I wnt to doctor to check it up. But the diagnosa's doctor always made me dissatisfied. So, I consulted to the doctors that were my clients too. So we could talk  and discuss more about how actually the certain disease can attack us. These discussion brought me to a conclusion that actually our body can maintain itself from disease. Yet, my hubby till asked me to go to doctor. So, as usual, I went to RSU Haji Surabaya (Al Hajj Hospital, Surabaya), and met internist there. Once more, the diagnosa's doctor made m dissatisfied again. Once more again, I decided to not consume any drug on prescription
Then, my sister in law recommended us to go to other internist, yet, I also felt dissatisfied to his diagnoses and prescription. I just could accept his explanation about what should I do related to our gastric acid reflux, that was keeping my physical and psychological condition. After that, I went to alternative treatment. Yet, I also still could not get a solution.
Finally, my hubby recommended me to do body and soul relaxation, as my hubby ever did that when he was practicing Satria Nusantara. By doing this, I felt that I could control my illness and I could control the level of the gastric acid reflux effects.
So, I looked for Satria Nusantara by searching in Google. But I could not find Satria Nusantara again. Any place could not be contacted. Then, I found Tetada Kalimasada Indonesia (Energy in Theraphy "Kalimasada"). I could find it that this community commonly do exercise at Narorama University, Surabaya. 
Morning Exercise ....Te Ta Da ...

Morning Exercise ... Te Ta Da
 Finally I joined this community and practice twice in a week. I can feel the better effect of this exercising by do body and soul relaxation.
Moreover, I also can learn more about how to give body and soul therapy by maximizing our energy in. Instead of that, I also can learn the nine moves (jurus) that can maximize the energy in of each cakra, in which can encourage and help us in defending ourselves, either in keeping healthy life or form enemies (physically or psychologically). Because Tetada Kalimasada exercise us to be in positive thinking of life .....

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Family and Togetherness: Got Dinner at Carefour

It was September, and we decided to get dinner outside. Just to spend our time together and feel something different in scene and appetites. So, we decide to go to Carefour, Rungkut, Surabaya. Despite of it is close to our house, there are also playing ground for kids. So, after having dinner, they can play there....

Selecting Menus for Each .... :)

Here are Kak Iffah and Mas Nur, Enjoying Fried Rice, but still Waiting Lemon Ice .... Huft

Feeding dik Nana ....

Wush... Wush... Wush...Playing @ Balloon Palace after Having Diner

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actually, I Dislike Spammers Commented on my Posts

and, I dislike that

 Huft... after for long time I did not update this blog, and I found some comments on my posts that I think that they are spammers. They used 'anonymous' as their name, and commented by giving their sponsored links in which seriously, they are not with any thought that contributing the conversation related to the posts. If their links is still be able to be tolerate, such as finance, banking, mortgage, loans, payday loans, credit, insurance, electrical product (such as compressor, projector, and so on), or diet plans, diet programs, etc, it doesn't matter for me. .....just see this one of my posts that were given some 'anonymous' comments.... It was about mothers day, but the comments are about diet plans, payday loans, electrical products, and so on.... 
But when the links that they given are such as dating links or match making sites, gambling, or such as like that, I dislike them very much. Unfortunately, I can't delete them. So, I just let them on my posts, even actually I get irritated and crossed...... just see this one that full of irritating comments for me at my post about business motivation, and this one also, posting about Jathilan or Kuda Lumping, the Javanese Traditional Dance, but they commented with anything without relation to the topic.... :(
Now, I need the solution about how to make my comment coloumn is flexible for readers, but it can filters the spammers..... and how to delete the spammers comments from my posts... please give me a better solution .....

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Mothers Day: Me, My Day, and My Family

Happy holiday, I say firsts for you all. Wish this long year end holiday will give you much chances to create story telling with your family or with ones you love. In Indonesia, this long year end holiday is along with mother's day, so I really get more impressions of it. My sweet girls all said I love You Mom, and even got their big hugs and kisses for night and day. They also give me gifts, that actually make me feel so deeply. How, they really love me. 
"Mom, I can't give you nothing. Yet really I love you Mom." That's my daughter said.
It was different from my only one son, "I'd like to give you something you like, but I don't know. So what can I give you Mom?"
hahahahhh .... I just laugh in my heart. However I like all of their attention to me. 
All of them would like to make me pleasant, and happy.
Actually, the presence of you all make me happy, and make my life lives lovely, colorful, and meaningful. All are miracle and amazing by your presence. How you all can present and fill my life.

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16th Wedding Anniversary

Source image:
It has been 16 years living together in the colorful marriage for me and my hubby, and this December 1st, 2012 is our 16th wedding anniversary. This happy day can be the sweet moment with our five kids and we have planned to spend our time together, because this moment comes in weekend. Therefore, it is so appropriate for my family to spend this weekend together in a lovely place. This can be the way to maintain healthy relationship for us. I just wish our marriage, family, and our kids always happy ever after, luck, and blessed by Allah Swt. For my hubby, thanks for being a part of my life, for all you do to make me smile, happy, and comfort in all moments. When we started the journey we were mere strangers but today we are the best friends who have shared many moments of life together.

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