Just Lil About Me and My Five Cute Kids

I just read about Vamily Writing Contest this morning and I got interested on it to share about my experiences with my five cute kids (a son and four daughters), they are Nur Muhammad Abdussyukur (Mas Nur), Nur Maulida Almahmudah (Ida), Nur Fadhilatul Mar’ah Arrahmah (Dhila), Nur Hanifah Almuthmainnah (Ifah), and Nur Lathifatul Husna Almubarokah (Nana). Hehehe... even though not all of them still children, because two of them have been teens (my first son is at first of Senior High School, while my first is at third of Junior High School), but all of them are still my cute kids with all of their unique behaviors in which always make me and my hubby smile when with or without them in our togetherness. 
Yupps, ...they make our family life and my life so colorful and meaningful. 

Like Father Like Son: My Hubby and My First
My Second Daugther
Now, my first son and my second daughter have been being teens, and have their own interests. My first is interested on anything related to computer, such as multimedia and animation, while my second is interested in writing. Then, my third is still at four of elementary school and she is also interested in writing, my fourth is at second grade of elementary school and she is interested in drawing and cooking, while my fifth is still at kindergarten. 

Playing and Learning: Healthy Relationship Building
Let's Go Ahead.... Finding Our Aspirations
Playing and Learning: Finding some ants in the flower
Mama, I Like Cooking :)
Involving them in any home activities make them learn how to cooperate effectively
All of them have their own daily activities to fulfill their interests, but I feel happy, because all of them can feel togetherness in my family. They can share each other and do activities at home together by distributing the activities. 
One that make me so happy and affected deeply is they often said I Love Mama. They also have been accustomed to shake hand and kiss the hand of the elder. And my youngest, the fifth, will ask to me, “Mama, who will kiss my hand?”, and then I will kiss her hand tenderly. Yet, even they have been being grow, all are still my cute kids that sometimes will need to be pampered by me. That’s why, sometimes they are also still being sulky to me, but it doesn’t mater for me, because by this, I can know who they are, their characters, their personalities, and their needs. Finally, all of my kids seem to be open at me and tlak about whatever they feel. I feel that they have been being growth fastly, because I still feel their first crying as soon as I got their birth. The memories about their baby days, and when they were still at kindergarten and elementary school are still inherent with my mind, and my hubby of course. All of their acts, either funny, annoying, and others at that time, now makes me smile and affected so deeply in our heart.


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