Ramadhan and Pandan Leaves Recipes in My Kitchen

Pandan Leaves Plant: I took this Picture when I was in Sidoarjo
As the previous Ramadhan, during this Ramadhan, there are always pandan leaves in my kitchen, because everyday I use them in my Ramadhan culinary recipes. Pandan leaves is also known as pandan plant or Fragrant Screw Pine, because of its flavor smell. I use this pandan leaves in my culinary uses such as to make kolak and other beverages, such as sinom, the traditional beverages with basic ingredients are palm sugar, tamarind, and turmeric (curcuma), lil salt and pandan leaves. Not only that, pandan leaves also can be used in made some cakes and other dishes. Unfortunately, I don't have pandan leaves plant, so I must buy pandan leaves in the traditional market.
I always buy pandan leaves at traditional market nearby our home
The Flavor Smell of Pandan: Nana Like this
Instead of pandan leaves function as the aromatic food and beverages, it's actually there are many healthy benefit of pandan leaves, because it consists of essential oils, traces of tannin, glycosides and alkaloids as well. Several healthy benefits of pandan leaves are:
  • Pandan plant is considered to be diuretic.
  • It is extremely useful for healing various wounds and diseases like smallpox. 
  • Pandan leaves are said to be pain relievers and used that way to cure chest pain, headache, reduce fever, arthritis, earache, etc. 
  • Pandan leaves are also used as a healthy laxative for children. 
  • Chewing pandan leaves is an easy way to get rid of gum pain. 
  • Pandan leaves are also effective in reducing stomach cramps and stomach spasm. 
  • It is also found to be effective in recovery of women with weakness after childbirth. 
  • Though rare, pandan flowers are said to be aphrodisiac, which means they stimulate sexual desire. 
  • Pandan leaves are also anti-carcinogenic, while benefits of pandan leaves for diabetes are also very significant. 
  • Pandan leaves are also useful for treating several skin disorders including leprosy. 
  • Pandan leaves are also used for preparation of various herbal teas, with other herbs like lemongrass, mulberry leaves, safflower, green tea and other such herbs. 
  • Bathing with water having boiled pandan leaves, is useful for treating skin diseases and sunburns.
So, it doesn't matter I think, if I always provides pandan leaves in my kitchen, and perhaps, it will be better to plant them in my home sweet home.


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