Happy Birthday Kak Ifa

September 3rd, 2008 is Kak Ifa's birthday. She is fourth years old now. Kak Ifa is Na's beautiful and cute sister. Na loves Kak Ifa, and all love Kak Ifa. Even though Kak Ifa is still fourth years old, but Kak Ifa has been able to write her name, mom, dad, and all her sisters and brothers, even Kak Ifa can looking for the name of situs online. So, when Kak Ifa would like to play games online, Kak Ifa will spell the name of the site, such as, g - a - m - e - s, and then the site will appear. She also can use keyboard and mouse to write in MS WORD, drawing using PAINT, and make a story about anything. She will tell me enthusiastically either her experience or her imagination. So wonderful world and development for Kak Ifa.
Not only that, Kak Ifa is also has hard desire to study. She commonly (read always) follows her sisters and brother study in the night with the private teacher or with mom. She will draw everything, such as balloon, heart, and write anything she would like.
She also usually follow me praying and reading Holy Quran,
So, she is very cute and smart..............
For this time, she get the pink shoes, Pink is her favorite color.