The 2nd Week of Ramadhan

Ramadhan has been run about 2nd week. The time is going merely and we can retain it. Two of my children have been getting this fasting month well, yet, of course, there are still sigh from them about how thirsty they are when they are going home from school. I can feel it, because the weather in Surabaya is so hot, from morning until afternoon, and come close to Maghrib.
Usually I ask them to sleep and waiting the time to breaking the fast, but they often cannot do it and usually looking for the other activities such as playing with their sisters, watching television, or playing game in computer.
The pleasant of them is that they never say no to accomplish their five times of praying and their habit in the morning with me, that is reading holy Quran together in the morning (this is our habit even not in Ramadhan). I also ask all my four sisters to pray Tarawih together at home, and my son, he always goes to Masjid with my husband. They also never get troublesome when the must wake up before daybreak to get Sahur, because during this time they have been common with this habits, that is wake up in the morning to accomplish pray Shubuh, and after that usually, we never get sleeping again, but we have our routine activities or others.
And how about the menus of breaking the fast and Sahur (eating before daybreak)? During this Ramadhan, I feel that my children can enjoy them well, they never get troublesome with my simple menus, either when breaking the fast or when Sahur, all of them welcome well with my simple menus. So, my great thankful to Allah, because we can run this fasting month in Ramadhan well.


  1. Salams to you sis,
    My younges who is eight is "surviving" on 3 toasted bread with nutella or butter and sugar and 1 cup of Milo in the morning. I just can't seem to get him to eat more. But Alhamdulilla, he is OK, so far.
    This year my mother in law is staying with me for Ramadan, so I get to eat lots of really delicous meals as she is soooo good at cooking:)
    Looking forward to Hari Raya
    Eid Mubarak to you

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