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Today I get troublesome with my mouse. Yup...I cannot calculate how often I get troublesome with my mouse. My mouses are often broken because my youngest children usually use them to be her toys. (There are about five broken mouses in my bookshelf and now there is one more, even the cable of one is broken off also). She usually put off it and brings it wherever she goes. Not only that, she also often throws down forcefully or throw away to other places. Beside that, my fourth kid is also usually throws my mouse when she get pout or angry when she is using my computer. I myself, cannot use my computer without mouse, or even when I use my husband laptop, I can use it without mouse well, because I have been accustomed to use mouse.
The mouse I use today is very hard, I find it in my bookshelf, in which actually I ever said that I will store it because it is hard to be used. But, because this morning my mouse was broken unexpectedly, so looking for the others and find it and I used it. Yet, I still ask my husband's technician to look for the others (I mean purchase) to replace this mouse. How hard to use this, the scrolling system is not good enough when it is scrolling up and down, and it is need to click well when I need to click. Just pull my long breath....huahhhhh.....
Hope will get the other :)

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3 Respones to "My Mouse"

Milla Widia N said...

Can I have the red one? :D

September 15, 2008 at 2:52 AM
Na said...

:) unfortunately, all have been broken and used as toys by Na. Even the cables also have been broken ....

September 16, 2008 at 2:48 PM
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