Wuah.... my doughters has been grown up (It mean that I also get old and old ha..ha..ha...). Kak Ida now has been teen. Weleh..weleh... I should take care and pay attention more and more at her interest and development tasks. Now, she has been duplicate her idol on TV. She would like model her hair and her behaviour pattern like her idol. And, her social peer get increase rapidly. She, even, has got interested with her boy friend. Lol....I just lough in my heart, becaue I can feel what she feel. However, I was ever young and in this situation also hmm.... And this day, she cut her hair by herself. She cut just a little hair, very little. She asked me to allow her and asked me in order that I did not get angry due to it. I said that I would not be angry. She asked my permissions because for this time, I and my hubby prohibit her to do that. Yet, in this case, I permit her in order that she can doing her normal development...Yupz.. also, I should keep the good relationship with her, in order that she will remain safe at home and always make home as her safe nest, the most peaceful, calm, safe, and secure nest in the world, where she can learn anything about this life and how to run it well and wisely.
Then, after she cut her hair, Kak Ifa also did it by herself. She cut her hair also waow....Luckily, Kak Ifa just cut the little ones and I knew that, so I can stopped it.


  1. Awww.... I can imagine you getting all teary on the day she get married.... *wink*