RAIN ... RAIN ... RAIN ....

Flood and landslide, in Cianjur, East Java
on November, 16, 2008

Hurricane "puting beliung" in Laren, Lamongan, East Java
November, 2008

Rain is coming. Rain has been waited for all people, because the temperature of nature was very hot and most farmers also could not cultivate without watering their farm and field. But, violence rain caused flooding and landslide, and also hurricane and rainstorm. Not only in Indonesia, but also almost in all part of around the world. BUT, after rain is coming, there are so many unwanted impact that happen, such as tsunami, hurricane, flood, landslide, thunderclap, and others, in which these are make people feel worry about their life.
Actually, all of these impacts are caused by people acts in damaging the nature and environment natural. People has been exploring and exploiting more and more natural resources without wise consideration. So, something that will give benefit for people, finally bring the side impact that will make people get worry about ... hmmm ...