Finally, rain is coming in Surabaya

Alhamdulillah, finally rain is coming in Surabaya. Hope Surabaya will not be too hot anymore. Yet, as usual, even though we are so pleasant that rain coming, we should be care because when rain is coming, so Surabaya will get flood.

Despite of the flood, rain is the biggest gift from Allah, rain is the expectations, because what will happen when there is no rain? there is no water? More over, for me, and of course for all people, we all have been waiting for along time this rain coming because we can not retain anymore with the hot of the sun shine from the morning until evening, and the night the weather is still so hot. So, now se can feel so cooool :) and enjoy the smell of rain at first when it touch the land. This smell so special for me, and .... for my children. We can feel it together here....

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