Tempe: my favourite food

Tempe is a high-protein food of Indonesian origin made from partially cooked, fermented soybeans. The high-protein tempe is cholesterol free and extremely low in fat. It's often used as a meat substitute to make foods like vegetarian burgers because it readily absorbs flavors and holds its shape when cooked. It can also be crumbled and added to sauces and casseroles. Tempe cakes are available fresh and frozen in natural food stores and some supermarkets. Store tempe in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks; freeze for up to 3 months.

I like tempe so much either has been fried or not yet. I will enjoy it. I also like tempe in any kinds of serve, such as fried tempe, fried tempe with flour or 'tempe mendoan' (usually I add celery and/or green onion), sauting tempe (oseng-oseng), or even mix them in gravy, especially the gravy with coconut milk (such as 'lodeh'). Even I usually make a modification by mix it with egg in which I pressing out and kneading tempe and mixing with egg and add some cellery or/and green onion, or sometimes I add shrimp to attract my children appetite, and shape them as a little ball and then frying them. Firstly, nobody can know that it is tempe :).


  1. oh ho..i lake that tempe goreng...friend bean curd?..

  2. Suddently I feel hungry when see a delicious fried tempe like that. Can I have it, please?

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