My first step: Idea investment ...

What is it? Idea investment? LOL.
No it is just kidding hmm, because I have no idea at first, but I must dig my idea....
So,........I should begin collecting data to arrange a book about golf. O yaa, On Monday, October 20, 2008, my husband asked me to accompany him to meet someone who would like to write several books about golf in Indonesia, especially in Surabaya, because in Surabaya, book about golf, either book or magazine, or other kind of publications are still rare. So, he would like to write a book about golf in which will be published from Surabaya. Yet, he don't have enough time to do it, because he is a manager with so hug activities.
Actually, he has been asked two journalist from Jawa Pos and Surya daily news to arrange his idea, yet, in this case, he would like to compare among us. So what? And ... Actually, I do not have any idea and knowledge about golf. Yet, he is so kindly, and he gives me many literatures about golf that I should read. Despite, I also browse and surf anywhere in internet to get the information about golf.
And, ... finally I decide to make the outline of the book. For first stage, I make the book for beginner, so I plan to write a series book, for beginner, advance, and master, and then book about all around golf. Beside that I plan to write about the semi autobiography of him. I think he can personalify or being a best figure for others in about how to be success, since he begin his career from being a caddy and then he can be a profesional golfer, and positioned as a manager in a leading golf company in Indonesia. I think he has a long journey model in his life that can be a learning tool for others, especialy for young generation.

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