FAIRY TALE, the communication media between parent and children

Nowadays, some parents have not been having more time to spent with their children because they have some activities that make them so busy for all day long. They just have a time together when having breakfast and then go to work, and when they go home, their children sometimes have been sleeping. This situation can influence the relationship between parents and children, because they can communicate well due the lack of time to be together. Furthermore, this will make them will meet each other only in silence without intimation, even, children will feel awkward or ashamed in the presence of their parents, and feel close with their baby sitters. This, of course, will make children are not common in dialoge adn will decrease their creativity, and even loss of it.

Finally, the lack of communication that happen in parents and children, of course will influence the behaviour of children because parents cannot transfer some guidances about the norm and value in this life, such as how to love each other, how to be fair and always doing good manner, etc. So, how to raise the communication between parents and children in this situation?

One way to melt it away is by use the few minute to be together with children and try to be close, for instance, by hug them and kiss them, and then say I LOVE YOU. Beside that, parents also can ask them about their activity during this time, and parents also can tell them about their activities.
Beside that, parent also can give them a fairy tale that will make them get impression. This fairy tale, exactly, not only will give them impression, but also will transfer some norms and value of this life. By the internal dialogue with the story telling, unintentionally, children can absorb and learn some positive attitudes such as braveness, fairness, love to nation, love to other (people, flora, and fauna, and also environment), and also can distinct between the right and false. Story telling can be done by parent in the right time to children, and will make their relationship going well. {Exactly, this can be done since children were still in the uterus, and will make them learn more and more about how close their relationship:)}

Furthermore, story telling can be done by teacher to transfer some positive values in this life, so that children not only be intellectual, but they lack of emotional and spiritual intelligent. Shortly, it can be explained that fairy tale can improve the communication between children and parent and can transfer some positives norms and values about this life. Beside that, really, fairy tale can help to stimulate many aspects of children development, especially intellectual side and emotional one. By giving the interesting and impressing fairy tale that is told excitedly, children can learn about moral value and science about the norms that behaving in their life and community. This fairy tale, also can stimulate the children language development.

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