Toto-Chan, A little girl at the window

Toto-Chan is the book that was written by Tetsuko Koruyanagi, a Japanese writer. This is also as a semi autobiography of her self when she was a littel girl. I read this book, about one year ago in Indonesian version. I got this book undeliberately from my sisters, ( thanks for my beloved sisters, how are you now in Lampung, hope you are always fine with your family....I miss you all there so so much, hope we can be together at Lebaran Day this year........).
This book is about the little girl named Toto-Chan, 7 years old girl, that must be dropped out from her school because she was regarded as the naughty girl. Actually, she was not naughty, but she has the big willing to know about anything surrounding her.
Fortunately for Toto-Chan she has an amazing mother who very wisely keeps the drop out issue as a secret from Toto-Chan until she grown up in order to keep Toto-Chan dignity and high self esteem. Finally, she got her school in a extraordinary school Tomoe Gakuen elementary school just before the pacific war begun (The Atomic Bomb that falls in Japan). Tomoe Gakuen was an elementary school headed by Sosaku Kobayashi who uses the Eurythmics method of teaching. He had gone to Europe twice to study the Eurythmics method of teaching music of Jaques-Dalcroze.
This book brings awareness to us that sometimes letting children to do what they want is a good way to learn for them too. An education should not make the children feel in a prison of mind.

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  1. you know what?!

    i read this book couple years ago, and now i still love it too much.

  2. Yes, this book is very interesting and give us new inspiration about the education concept and how to be the wise and best mom fir our 'children' :)

  3. With warm greetings from Belgium friend