Increasing Reading Interest for Kids

Nowadays, more children get bored quickly when reading, and even they tend to be lazy in reading. So, what must we do in order that children have the high interest in reading and even make reading as a habits and needs? Because by reading children can increase their views and knowledge about anything in which will direct them to be wise in face any kind of phenomenon in this life.
Based on the study, actually embryo that is 4 months old in the uterus has been able to functioned his ear well, so he has been able to listen what we are saying. Hence, when he is still in the uterus, we need to stimulate by communicating with him, speaking to him, singing the soft music, listening soft music, such as classic music, or the citation from holy Quran, or other books, or other religion music. These all will stimulate his brain development.
While he has been born, so several things that can be done are:

  • A mom or dad, or other people surrounding him must always communicate with him, talk to him and sing for him.
  • Show him the colorful book
  • Read book for him
  • When baby has been able to empty talk, give him the book with thick paper or just thick paper, so he can hold it, see it, look it as if reading it.
  • When baby has been grow up, do reading habit from mom or dad, and read book near him
  • Ask him to read also
  • When children ask something, pay attention to him and always give them answer as wise as possible
  • Provide the reading book at home, so they will be used to be with book
  • Asking children to resume or retell or rewrite what they have been read or listened if we are one who reads for him.
  • Beside reading book, provide also paper or book for them to scratch or write, or drawing enyelse, because writing, speaking, seeing, and reading is related.
Hope the above tips can help to increase the reading interest for our beloved kids.

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