Today, when I open my email, I show the good news from Linkworth. Since I have been being the partners of this site, but just now I got the Link Ads from Linkworth. For Link Ads I just published the link that is requested from advertiser for one of my blog that they would like to. Here is the email.

Then, I go to the link that is given and approve it. After that, there is an explanation or clue about what I should do related to the link that I should publish. This is so easy, isn't it? And I just waiting for the payment, because beside Link Ads, Linkworth also provides the other job, such as Link Post, Link Banner, Link Mura, etc. So, there are many opportunity that we can get from Linkworth. If you would like to register, just click here. And, you can register your blogs as many as possible :).

Then, the good news not only that, because from Ask2Link, I also got the new link for my new travel blog. This make me so surprise, because this blog is still have the little content of postings.. But, this is the gift for me....
I just can say Alhamdulillah......

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