I'M A MOM ...... I GET BORED........

I am a mom, I'm a human being, and I get bored, then... I have a dream....
Many activities burden me and make me burn out. While, there are many people in my surrounding and become one community with me just spend their time by talking, gossips, chatting, .... yups in my surrounding there are mr. talky, miss. talky, bull shits, and doing something not appropriate to the goals. Any just make this place so complicated with problem and trouble. And me?
Just be patient, many activities must be completed, from my household, and all around. I also must face complain from others related to many tasks, debt, people in this place, and so on.
I realize that I can't lead them and guide them, yet I can make a simple concept in order to many thing can be completed orderly. Contrary, my hubby always make a wrong decision in anything. So, the fact is, there are many people, but can't give the problem solution, and the problem still retain without clear solution, just false solution....
Actually, the vital need is the leader, and we have got it; the crucial ones are we need the credible programmer, and web designer. Not, the marketing.... That's so foolish, really fool decision, due to actually there are people who can hold this marketing function. That's why since the first time there was this recruitment, I never agree. But I cannot say that because I'm not the person who like argument, and usually my argument will be cut by the big boss.
Beside that, this decision also based on the nafsu or emotion of someone, the employee,
Seeing this fact, and the actual of my activities who should cover most of part needs of this life cycle, I feel so ill feel. I get angry but I can't do nothing. Then, I feel that this life is unfair for me. So ... yupps......I act so childish. O my God, please forgive me.
The other is, that I never agree that in this place there is practice of ikhtilath, non hijab, and kholwat. As you know, this has been being our commitment together to stand the Islam fully or Kaffah. This commitment supports me to accept whatever my hubby given to me, whoever he is, and make me feel so hurt when I should follow this business, in which I should face the non muhrim, deliver service for them, etc. I believe that Allah is so Fair for the people, all people, so without disobeying His Sunnah and Guideliness, we will get what we should get.
Then, showing that, I can't stand and finally I act so childish. I realize that. And, now just istighfar... and be patient....

Finally I would like to say:

Selama tidak segera kembali kepada fitrah, dan selama di dalamnya terjadi ikhtilath, kholwat, tiada hijab, rasanya akan tetap jauuuuuuuh dari keberkahannnn..... jadi bukan tempatnya yang tidak berkah, tetapi penghuninya menjauhi kberkahan dengan mengabaikan syariat yang telah diberlakukan............ (my FB)

So, why my hubby always ask me, why it is like there is no keberkahan in this place?????


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