When Na is Crying

Na get crying and I do not know the exactly reasons. She will get fussy for a long day and even all the night. This made me can not do anything and her brother and sisters should do and prepare their needs by themselves. Include my hubby. Yet, usually I will carry her and hug her, hold her lovingly and allow her to continue crying. I believe that she need closeness and attention when she is crying. By this way, usually she got comfort by degree, and then she will get better more and more.
When facing this trouble, usually I also try to know the reasons and about what exactly happen, because I believe that babies communicate their distress or discomfort by crying. Perhaps, he get hungry, pain, or others discomfortness. So, even though it can be deeply stressful for me but I always try to think cool down and wisely. My hubby usually protest me and say that this because I always hold and pampered her. Even, he prohibited me to hold her when he is crying. He said that it is ineffective way.
But, in reality, by holding her, I am providing her with much-needed emotional support while she is releasing stress in this manner. Na is not rejecting me when she is crying. She is simply feeling safe enough to show her feelings. Yupz.... parents who hold their babies and allow them to express themselves in this manner usually notice that their babies are relaxed and content after the crying spell, and sleep better at night.

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