Today, Kak Ida and Mas Nur get their first semester final test (UAS -- ujian akhir semester). Usually it will get nearly two weeks because there are many kinds of lessons in which are tested. I know and understand that this will take their time and thought to learn all about their lessons, because their lesson are doubled. It is not like in state school which just has several (seven or eight kind of lessons). In their school has about more than 14 kind of lesson, that is religion (such as Aqidah Akhlaq, Al Qur'an Hadits, Tarikh, Arabic, etc) and common knowledge (such as Math, Natural Science, Social Science, English, Computer, etc). So, they should prepare their stamina and their brain well. But, for this time being, they have been already preparing by resuming all kind of their lessons in their little blog. So, this will help them in reminding all kind of their lessons :). I just can say that I proud of them, because they can stand in this kind of pressure (They should get up in very early morning . And this very early morning I pray for them, and I believe very much that Allah will bless them always.....

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