When it was rain in my village ....

Morning in a village
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When rain is coming, the village life will get more lively and lovely, especially in the morning, in the dawn and in the afternoon (about dark), because many people, in which almost all of them are farmer, can begin planting their field and land. I remember when I was child and I enjoyed rainy day, playing together in the road under the rain without afraid of sick after that. And, when we went home from field and it was rainy day, so we just use banana leaves for an 'umbrella'. And when we reached home and we had taken a bath, we can enjoy hot peanut and fried corn (like pop corn, that was corn fried by using sand and the wok was made from soil, such as earthenware vessels). Or, we usually sat down, or squat in front of hearth in which usually my mother cooking (at that time, there hadn't been stove in my village) to warm our body.

And ... now, my children can't enjoy that situation. I can let them play outside in rainy day. Moreover the thunderclap in Surabaya when it's rain is so strong and make them get afraid. So usually, I just gather them and tell about how to pray when it is rain, then we can enjoy the rainy day in house by doing anything we can, telling story, doing some homework, or just reading story book. And, I think rain in Surabaya and other cities make people get worrying because they will get some problem when going work, such as traffic jam, flood, etc. Beside that storm such as 'puting beliung' also will be along with the rain.

But, ... rain is actually the biggest gift from Allah, I believe it so much. And, if there are side effect of it, so, we should think twice and more. Why ... Then ... all are learning instruments, because life is learning ... and processing ....

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