Amrozi Execution

After for almost six years in jail, Amrozi and friends have been executed by the policemen. Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, Ali Ghufron aka Muklas/Mukhlas, and Abdul Aziz aka Imam Samudra aka Qudama were executed at Nusakambangan island prison, Cilacap, Central Java, some time after midnight on Sunday 9th November, for their roles in the 2002 Bali bombings. Amrozi, Muklas, and Imam Samudra are executed by firing squad. May Allah (SWT) grants the three Brothers al-Firdaus, and the mujahideen the strength to fight on until al-fatah or the shahada.

This morning, my son told me about the news that Amrozi and friends has been excecuted in Nusakambangan, and will be burried in Lamongan this day also. My son said to me how if we go home to Lamongan. But I said that it is not necessary to go home, because the situation will be so crowded. Yup ... recently, my son often told me about Amrozi, excecution. Yes, Amrozi is our neighbor in Lamongan, Solokuro. Indeed, my father was ever work there as a teacher when he was still child. So, when he got involved in Bali Bomb and became the hot news in anywhere, around the world, my father also got surprised. Yet, finally, all of us can understand, what exactly happen. Yet, we still regard and appreciate him and all his family, and also their "pesantren" Al Islam, and of course, their spirit.

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