Mudik (Going home in my village)

Yup, Lebaran Day. It is coming again. All my children have been waiting its coming for a month. Then close to that day, they ask me about where will we spend our time during their holiday in this time. I said that we will not go anywhere, we will spend our time at home together. But, my first son look so sad and disappointed. He ask me to take them together to their grandpa's home in Lamongan. And then, I agree with his ideas. He looks so happy......Yet, I said that only him and his sisters (my first daughter) who will go there. Then, he looks unhappy again, but he still would like to go there. Their grandpa will take them in Sunday.
But, my father called me and ask me to follow and accompany my children spend their holiday in village. I just can be silent, yet my father explained that I should accompany them in order that all of us can be together in the Lebaran Day. That will be better than if I am in Surabaya with three of my children, meanwhile, two of them aren't with me. Finally I agree to accompany them in this holiday. So I decided to go to our village in Monday because I should prepare all af we need there. It is not so easy, you know. Five children, their clothes, big bag, many kind of daily equipment (brushes, cajuput oil, charger of mobile phone, mobile phone, etc........................)
But Now, I should begun to prepare all of them, WOW......this will be my busiest weekend.
And we decide to mudik on Monday morning.

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