When fever Attack Children

Fever or cold is one decease that is most often attack children or baby. The fever or cold usually is caused there something wrong in the body balance (attacked by microorganism, such as parasit, virus, and bacteria). For instance, there is infection in disgestion, infection in out of body, breath channel infection, etc. When virus or bacteria goes in to the body, so the body will response it by using the leucosite, in which this leucocite will release pirogen endogen (fever causer) and then support the prostaglandin E2 production that will increase the temperature threshold. Hence, children get fever.
Fever, actually, have the positive and negative effects. The positive one are that fever shows the capability of body to force wel. Beside that, fever can support the leucosite in producing pirogen endogen to attack the microorganism. On the other hand, the negative effects among other things are dehydration, lack of oxygen in which can cause tight breath, nerve disorders, and febrile convulsions.
When the children get fever, the step that can be done by mom among other things:

  • Compressing by using the warm water, don't use cold water or alcohol to compress the fever kid.
  • Increasing liquid consumption, such as fruit juice, fresh water, mother milk, milk, soup gravy. Avoid fatty food and food that can not be digested easily.
  • Wear the fine or thin clothes, don't put off the clothes.
  • Don't let children do activities more, and choose the fresh room.
  • Giving paracetamol appropriate to the age of children.
  • If the fever can not get down and children shows the other indication (vomit, diarrhea, trembling), bring them to the doctor or physician.
  • AND THE MOST IS DON'T BE PANIC, GIVE CHILDREN LOVE MERELY, HUGE THEM, CARE THEM MORE, and they will feel comfort and composed, and happy because they are loved so much by people surrounding.


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