Game for Kids in The Weekend

This weekend is free weekend for me. All my children play game in each computer online, one kid one PC, except the youngest. She is with me. Since three of them are girls, so they like playing game for girls that are provided online by some sites, whereas my son usually play red alert game or other strategic games. Some girl games usually they play are dress up games, barbie dress up games, make up games, fashion games, cooking games, decorating games, coloring games, shopping games, and other kids games. They like playing those games because they do not need to download them, and the way to play is also easy relatively. Beside that, by playing those games I think it will sharpen their creativities. But, even though they like playing them, I have give some warning about what kind of games that they can not play, such as the dress up game that they can pick off all the dresses until the underwear, so they can see all part of the body. And, until this time they obey my warning. When there is a kid who is playing the not proper game, so the other will remind her or tell me about that.

Yes, nowadays there some sites that provide game online that make the gamers can play those games easily without download them. This also makes the gamers easy in choosing the kind of games they want to play. Such as me, usually, I must download some games in order that my children and I can play game together when we are get bored in our routine weekend activities at home, but now, we can choose and play in free.
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