Gift for Children

Several days more, in this month, my daughter, the second children will get her tent years old birthday, and on next month, two of them will get too. Beside that, next month is also fast month (Ramadhan for us as Muslim family) and then Labaran day, Idul Fitri. So, these months will be the very busiest month because there are many things that must be planned in our family.
As a parent of five children, we are 'prosecuted' to do so wisely in providing some gift for them because all of them of course want something (gift) related to their want and need, and also their desire.
I just remember that, in giving gift for children, so there are things that must be considered:
1. Stress on the value of gift, not in price
In this case, the most consideration is on the value of the gift, not in the price and size, for instance, in the benefit of the gift, educated gift, etc.
2. Stress on the need of children
In this case, the gift must be focused on the need of children, so in this case, the gift will be depend on the age and the need.

The other gifts that can be given, instead of goods, are the love expression such as kissing and hugging, praising, etc.