Today is 080808

Today is Friday, August 08, 2008 or we can call shortly as 080808. This is the unique date in this year. Firstly, actually, this month I just remember that one of my children will get her birthday. She will be ten years old in August 19, 2008. But, when I see the calendar in my computer, I see this number.
And then, actually, there is not the difference in our family activities, we are all do our each activities.
In the morning, after we pray together and read Al Quran with my children (the first and the second children), as usual (this is our routine activities in the morning), both of my children prepare their uniforms and prepare anything their needs to school. While my third and my fourth still sleep, and the youngest child plays in the front of bedroom (here is the capacious place, because we do not place some furnitures and tools, usually all my children play anything together here, moreover this is an open place, so we can see around, but safe because we have the high fence/hedge). And me? I prepare breakfast, of course, and also check some outfits of my both children.
At quarter past six, both of my children go to school and I begin to wake up my third children and the fourth will follow her sister. We have one to take and pick them in order that we can feel that they are save and not doing something that we do not want to do, such as truant or just playing with their friend after school, so that we cannot control them). My third daughter must prepare going to school at half past eight. In this time, I need more time because there are three children that must be bathed, dressed, and feed together. Whereas, they are not always obey what I say or I would like to do. Even, usually I need to fulfill their needs and wants in order that I can do all quickly.
And, when both of my little girl go to school, I can do all my activities at home with my youngest children.
On Friday, my first and my second children go home on half past eleven (on other days, Monday until Thursday, and Saturday, they go home on half past two), and my third children goes home on half past ten (on other days, Monday until Thursday, and Saturday, they go home on half past eleven).
When my third and my fourth daughters have been at home, they will ask me to accompany them playing or studying, usually, they ask me giving them some tasks like what they get at school. So in this time I must do what they want, ........
And in this day, I really spend my time with my all children..........
Until night, when I accompany them studying, doing some tasks, and preparing their lessons tomorrow.
And, until all of them sleep.
Then I can enjoy blogging,
For refreshing and relaxing my mind,