Two Instructors

We have two instructors who have the different characters. They are Miss. Yolanda and Miss. Yulinda. First of the different is that Miss. Yolanda is a person who is very admire the time, so Miss. Yolanda does not like when there is a student who like to spend time not for doing the useful things in class, then, the student whose bad habit, such as, delaying in accomplishing tasks. Then, Miss. Yolanda always comes to class in time and prepares studying in class well. On the contrary, Miss. Yulinda is a person who never cares about time. She never cares about the tasks which were ever given to students, so she will let the students who collects the task lately or even the student who does not accomplish the tasks. Then, Miss. Yulinda often
comes to class lately and in hurry. Secondly, Miss. Yolanda is a person with good appearance. Her dresses and shoes are always neat and fashionable. Her make up and her accessories are also appropriate to all of hers. The other way, Miss. Yulinda never cares about her appearance. Her dresses, shoes, and also accessories which are used never seem neatly. She also cannot match their dress well. Finally, even though Miss. Yolanda is a discipline person, but she still have a little bit of time to make a joke, so we never feel boring with her tasks and her ways in teaching. We also enjoy studying with her. Just the opposite of, Miss. Yulinda is the cold person. She never cares about the students, so she just teaches us without caring about our other needs, such as, the relaxing time and attention.

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