Now is Monday Again

Now is Monday again. I feel it is too short. I have planned to write more about my activities day after day and my idea in "my Home", yet I always wait that night will come and all my children sleep and get their lovely dream. But, until a week is gone and lasting, I write nothing in "my Home". I just visit it and close again because I have been too tired and fall asleep unintentionally, and when I get up, Wow, it has been morning, so I must prepare all ASAP.
Even though I can not express all of I wanna express here, but this night, when all my children have been sleeping and getting their lovely dream I try to write anything I can.
Yap ... Yap ... Yap....
For a week. As a housewife. Stay at home with an handsome and responsible husband, and also five cute children. What's more?
Yes, I feel it is too short, but exactly, there are many things happened this week.
My husband get some projects from his old partner (a contractor) and get support from my brother, so he got very busy this week preparing all things related to the projects.
My husband get new projects in establishing Social Research and get support from his employees, so he get very busy this week, and in this case I also must get involved, ho... ho... this make me must provide extra times
My husband must give more attention in web design development, because the human resource in this division still need some support and motivation more and more.
Of course, I must ready to hear all about that and support him all out.

So, what about my children?
I do not have a baby sitter or someone helping me in doing all my household tasks, so I just do all by myself in routine activities and of course I must broaden my mind and my heart and my view, and my time, and all of mine for my beloved family. For along day, and then night come for sake.

Actually, I must thanks to GOD and feel so fortune, because I have my family that always with me in all kinds of conditions.
I still can accompany my husband in all his busy activities and planning, and his exhausted mind and body and soul. I can still accompany my children when they are crying, sad, laughing, getting sulk, in difficulties about their study, joking, lullaby and story telling before sleeping, and so on. Even I can still play together with my children and bathing in our small ponds, play together there, especially with my fourth and my youngest children. I think, not all woman get this golden opportunity.
So, Indeed!!!
All day is a great day for me, and,
actually, I must never feel that I have loose my time as I must spend more and more time just for my family, my golden family, my lovely, my soul, my all.........

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