Long Weekend Today

Finally, all my children sleep this night. Today is the long weekend, because I feel that there are so many thing happened today. It is not like I plan the night before that I will get this weekend so good with all my five children. As usual.

I am so tired, because I must do all by myself because my husband have a business in outer city. I let my second kid do her activities that she would like to, and also for the first. The third follow her brother and sister, playing in the first floor. This is Sunday, so I let them playing, because in other day they must go to school and spend their time just for school. And I do my activities in second one with the fourth and the youngest. Unfortunately, I can't do all my activities well, because my fourth kid sulk and ask me to play with her. This make me delaying all my activities, and finally I just accompany her playing in the room.
Until almost 12 o'clock she is willing to play with her brother and sisters. But, they can't play well. The third and the fourth cry and make so noisy at home. So, again, I must delay my home activities.
I just play with them and let all clothes, floor, dishes etc in chaotic.
Well, all can be controlled when the night comes. We get dinner together and for the first kid, the second and the third must prepare all about their school.
In this way, I must accustomed my third kid to learn writing alphabet and number, not only that, she must can spell and count them, and then rewrite. I do it at the same time with make the clothes tidy and order them in the each places to ease my children get them. This will help me in other day when they would like to wear their clothes.
After that, I clean some dishes, sweeping, mopping, and then removing clothes from washing machine and dried them.
At this time my four of children study together in one room. Some time they shout and ask me about their lessons, and bring their book come to me. I give some explain and they will continue studying.
And my youngest? She play by herself near me, and some time give her toys to me.
After I finish all my acts at home, I accompany my children in the room to study.
My first kids get difficulties in math, and he has been sleepy. But, I forbid him to sleep, and I support him to finish his task. Some time I make a joke, to raise his spirit. It is so powerful I think. He does not feel sleepy anymore and can finish his all tasks well. I lullaby my fourth and the youngest, and, finally all get asleep together.
I leave them and blogging while waiting my husband come.
Hoooh, It's so long weekend, and tomorrow is Monday, the busy Monday morning will come too.......

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