Children and Playing

Nowadays there are some kinds of game for kids, in which they can play it well. More people have the opinion that playing will make children lazy and stupid. But I think this opinion is not so wise and good fully.
As a mom of five kids I can see that kids cannot be separated from playing and game. Even, I also get involved to play with them, so I can control and know what kind of game they playing, especially playing game online. I need to know about this to protect hem from the bad impact, because, I realize that in the internet there are many kinds of game that of course not all of them appropriate for them, because some reason, for instance, the cultures, the age, the religion, etc.
All my five kids like to play any kinds of playing together, even, of course the also get disputing. Yet, it usually only get the little bit of time, after that they will laugh together and play again. It is not like nothing happen.
Sometimes they are divided into two or three parts, the first son with the third playing ball, and the second and the fourth play game in computer. Usually the use game online for little girl, such us dress up for girl, or mcD playing, etc. And the youngest will play with her dolls and her cooking set. Sometimes, the also will play together, in front yard, and enjoy the morning weather, playing ball, chasing each other or just sitting on the swing toys and talk together.
Exactly I realize, that they are not only just playing, because they must study also. But this activities is also their need that must be fulfilled like eating, drinking, etc. And, actually, the children, naturally, can keep it. They can know their need to study and prepare their need to school. Of course, as the children, some times, they also cannot control their playing activities, yet as a parents I remind them in order to be able to control theirselves. Moreover, my first and second children have already arrange their daily scheduled by themselves, so I just used their schedules to remind them, and the will commit to their schedules that have been arranged. And, the other will just follow :).
Why, I let them playing? Because, naturally, by playing , they can express what their feel, they can laugh, they can tell a story so fairly, they can learn about how to appreciate others, they can learn about how to negotiate well, and also this activities will reveal how health their condition, because when they feel sick, they cannot join the playing, and maybe just sitting and seeing the others and expressionless.......

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