Now, Na has been having three teeths

Today, 19 April 2008, Na has been 10 months old. She has been having two teeth more in her mouth. So, it will be so cute and funny when she is loughing and smiling, or when she is crying.

Beside that, Na also cannot be motionless. She always motion anywhere she wouild like to. See, she is crwlimg and always try to open the door of stair gate. So, someone must always keep her in order that she were not felt down.

And, here is Na when she is giving something (chocolate wafer) into her elder sister mouth. O yeah, Na isthe fifth children in her family. She has three elder sisters (Kak Ida, Kak Dila, and Kak Ifa) and one elder brother, he is Mas Nur.
Here are the Brother and Sisters of Na:

1. Mas Nur (Nur Muhammad Abdussyukur) 2. Kak Ida (Nur Maulida Al Mahmudah)

3. Kak Dila (Nur Fadhilatul Mar'ah Ar Rahmah)

4. Kak Ifa (Nur Hanifah Al Muthmainnah)And, here is Na:

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