The Attachment between Mother and Children

Children need a loving and secure environment for their optimum growth and development. Their physical needs must be met but at the same time their emotional and psychosocial needs also have to be fulfilled. They need love, care, attention and guidance in order to develop as stable, well-adjusted and sociable human beings. It is very important for children to have stable and loving relationships with their caregivers usually their mothers. Because of the love and affection they receive, they learn to rely on the caregiver and to trust her. As they grow they learn by watching and imitating her, as well as by getting instructions and guidance from her. When they manage to do something, their learning is reinforced by her praise and approval. This is a normal scenario. For this the mother does not need any special training, this kind of caregiving comes naturally and instinctively to her. This is the ideal environment for a child to develop his potential to the maximum.
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