Gaining Weight Lose Fast Inadvertently

Just about two years, I got over weight until more than 20 kilograms (from 55 kg to 74 kg). This caused some of my clothes are not fitted anymore, so I could not wear them again. This also made me feel uncomfortable due to the changes of my body. There were fats anywhere that made me could not move freely and comfort. Then, when I checked my blood pressure, it was 140/100. Of course I got surprise and worried about this. Then I went to a doctor, and he said that this was not a problem. But I did not believe merely. I surfed some information about blood pressure and what kind of diet that should be programmed. In this case, I avoided consuming drug to increase my blood pressure. I just consumed some vegetables and fruits that can support my diet, such as garlic, carrots, banana, papaya, dates palm, potato, apple, etc. I stopped consuming any kind of fried food. I also got exercise by myself at home just by walking and whatever I can do at approximately 15-30 minutes (commonly I did it in the morning and in the night before sleeping).
Then about a month later, I checked my blood pressure again, because I got problems with my head. I got dizziness. I thought my blood pressure got dropped. But, when I checked again, in fact, my blood pressure got increase to 150/70 and my weight decrease to 64 kg. This made me shocked and also amused at once. But I still thanks to God because my diastolic pressure got decreased from 100 to 70 (normal).
Due to this, I continued my diet until now, and now I get enjoy my diet, because I have been accustomed with my diet. Even though, sometimes I also desire to eat some of my favorite food such as shrimp, squid, small crab, and scallop shell that I stopped consumed them since that (sometimes I miss them so much :)). But, I should control myself to live healthier. Further, I also can gain weight lose well.


  1. I also have problems with my blood pressure being high. I can feel it sometimes. The last time I had my high BP was 3 days ago 152/91 and like you I felt dizzy. Take care of yourself, don't do too much and don't eat anything with fat :)

  2. @Mommy Liz... thanks for share, recently I look for the healthy recipes for diet, maybe we can share...

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    Its good that you manage to maintain the diet.Takes alot of strong will to do that
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  4. Hello... visiting your blog.. hope you can drop me an email.. I would like to share something with you.. thanks!


  5. My husband have same problems like your so he needs to stay in diet so it wont affect his BP

  6. @ Umi, ReanaClaire, and Shydub, thanks for visits and comments.... and GBU.. :)