Today, many show on television that broadcast some advertisements of food products that promise to improve the intelligence of children, but it was felt less because it is less natural. If you want to have children of optimal intelligence should do the consumption of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, protein, and high fiber foods, which it can help the development of intelligence and physical growth of children.
Healthy food does not mean expensive but it is the food as described above just like vegetables, protein, fruits and high fiber foods. Many parents today who think that delivering expensive food from a fancy restaurant is already sufficient nutrition and can be called a healthy food but in fact the result is zero. Better to provide good nutrition through vegetable, fruit, and nuts.
Vegetables are the foods that are low calorie. Vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, spinach has a thermal effect in the body, its mean these vegetables may not be stored as fat because the calories have been used in the digestive process. High consumption of vegetables can also prevent people from heart attacks and cancer.
While the fruit itself is a kind of food there are many sources of vitamins and protein in it. For example, like apples, it is a fruit that contains carbohydrates, especially when it is growing and has rich pectin (a type of fiber). Apple contains a flavonols which called quercetin that explain in some studies that it have anti-cancer ingredients. Quercetin is also contains anti-inflammatory ingredients so that is useful for some diseases such as arthritis. While the nutritional content, apples contain vitamin C but not as much citrus fruit.
In addition to providing healthy food, you have to make your children also get used to always eat breakfast, because in one study said that children who breakfast every morning, they was more focused tasks in school, because breakfast could eliminate hunger and nutritional needs for their activities.