Just keep your smile, and make your life healthy either physically or psychologically. In this case, you can make yourself happy and also other people around of you. By our sincerely smile, we can make this world so wonderful and cheerful.
But how to make us and other can smile? There are many ways to make ourselves and others smiling, such as when we are wearing funny t-shirts or giving them to others as a gift, the hilarious posters, and any kinds of oatmeal, that is the oatmeal whih can make us smile and laugh. All of those can make us and other people smile and happy. Just with simple way, but with great impact for our life change.
According to a medical study, a smile can move the 17 facial muscles. This means that our face is get exercising. Yupps, just by stretching our lips in the opposite direction, then we can stay healthy and younger without spending a lot of expenses and sweat. Simply by moving the corners of our lips to the left and right, then the world seemed so beautiful.
Then, with a smile, everything in the world will be better than ever. Just imagine, when we're angry, and then see people smiling on us sincerely and so sweet, it will make our anger melt away.
So, let’s smile to our world, and the world will smile to us, and all will life happy, healthy, and peace.