Other Healthy Beverages Instead of Water

Healthy drink for health care
After posting about healthy food on the earth, now here are the healthy drink instead of water. Water is vital to our health, so we should consume water in adequate sum. When we consume at least 8 cups of water daily can minimize bloating, prevent headaches, help prevent you from getting sick and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. But, there are other kind of beverages that can be drunk to fulfil our needs of water or liquid for our body to support our health care, they are:

Orange juice
This bevy can guard against heart disease. Antioxidants in orange juice help protect our ticker by fighting the inflammation that can cause blood vessel damage.

Chamomile tea
It can keep us calm. People who consume chamomile extract daily for two months felt significantly less anxious.

Cranberry juice
It may prevent gum disease and urinary tract infections. Natural compounds in the juice may ward off gum disease by preventing bacteria from adhering to the teeth below the gum line. Cranberry juice also delivers 39 percent of the daily value for vitamin C per 8 ounces, raises levels of good cholesterol and keeps your urinary tract tip-top.

Chocolate milk
This delicious bevy keeps our abs flat. A glass of skim chocolate milk delivers a great combo of carbs and protein, helping us recover after a workout.

Green tea
This bevy has been popular for healthy beverages that may keep our weight steady. Polyphenols in the drink may rev our metabolism and make it easier for our body to fry fat. Beside that, the tea's plentiful stash of antioxidants slashes your risk for cancer and heart disease.

Tomato juice
This is one of my kids favourite. This tomato juice may lower our cancer risk. The scarlet sip is loaded with vitamins and lycopene, which protect us against cancer. Beside that, the vitamin c in it will help some benefit for our skin and body health care.

Black tea
This also has been popular since the old time to be a healthy drink. It may help fend off skin cancer. The classic brew is loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants that carry anticancer perks. Hot or iced, black tea is a delicious addition to our skin care regimen—and a lovely way to wake up.


  1. yes, and I like Orange Juice. That's so nice drinking OJ when breaking my fasting. So Fresh...

  2. Thanks for this info, because I just can drink a fresh water in my own bottle, and then if I have use glasses and I can'd dring the fresh water, so commonly I make orange juice, tomato juice, carrot, or tea, or milk.

    but my mom always force me to drink fresh water. Wish she read this article :)

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