Recently, my hubby visited the Jampit Coffee Plantation in East Java indonesia, where the Java Coffee Luwak or Civet Java coffee is produced. Java coffee is a coffee produced on the island of Java. In the United States, the term "Java" by itself is slang for coffee generally. The Indonesian phrase Kopi Jawa refers not only to the origin of the coffee, but is used to distinguish the strong, black, very sweet coffee, with powdered grains in the drink, from other forms of the drink.  This civet java coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world, because the aroma and the taste is uncommon as the other coffee. Beside that the protein contents also is not as high as the common coffee due to the fermentation process in the diggest of civet.
Actually, coffee contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant. For this reason, it is often consumed in the morning and when feeling tired. Students preparing for examinations with late-night cram sessions frequently use coffee to stay awake. Many office workers take a coffee break when they have low energy.
Drinking coffee is associated with a number of health benefits, including reduced risk for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, colon cancer and even suicide. However, on the negative side, coffee can cause a number of problems for susceptible individuals, particularly in large doses. Coffee drinking increases the risk for a number of medical problems in susceptible individuals, as well as sabotaging efforts to maintain a healthy body weight.
So, for achieving the health benefits of coffee, just consume it proportionally, and appropriate to the body health conditions. 


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