After the first book tittled Golf All About which was published on December 2008, this July 2010, the second book will be launched on July 18, 2010. This second books is the motivation genre based on the inspiration of the life of some one. So the content is semiautobiography. There are some life story related to the inspirator.The title of this book is Success isn't a Matter of Luck, It is a Matter of Law, that a key success includes fife pillars, they are:
- Knowing the Difference of Skill and Competence
- Take the Choice on Every Step
- Knowing the Difference Between Reputation and Character
- The Winner Has an Extra Effort to Make the Thing Happened With His/Her Way
- The Winner Takes Responsibility and The Loser Lies Blame
This is inspired by the life of a caddie who can reach what he would llike to achieve in his life. When I write this book, I can dig any learning about how to make this life easy and enjoyable, but still can achive aour goal. 
The design of cover and content lay out of this book is so esthetics that can make the reader will feel interesting and attracted.
Here are the lay out of the first page of first chapter, and the each  first chapter has the unique and interesting design lay out.
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