Finally, it can be completed

Yes, finally it can be completed. Yes, recently I just help someone to write what his inspiration in golfing. He would like to publish a book about golf, and Now, it has been completed. The title of the book is "What's Golf All About". This book reveals anything about golf, from what is golf, why is golf, the simple philosophy of golf (golf as sport, as entertainment, as hobby, as a tool to build network and business, as a tool to control ourselves, etc). Beside that, in this book also reveals about the history of golf, the golf equipments, the golf course, golf rule, golf etiquette, and how to play it well). At the end part, there are some jokes that are quoted from many sources, that will make reader feel enjoy in reading this book. And also not forget to give a golf glossary, because in golf, there are many terms that are not usual in common. So, I thing this book will give some new golf knowledge for golf beginner and also for the advance to deepen their knowledge about golf.
At first, we will publish it in Indonesian version, and then we would like to publish it in English version, to fulfill the demand of Singapore and Malay golfer. Yet, perhaps we will get busy because we should prepare all about related to publishing, from designing cover, editing, lay out, printing, etc. And after that, we also plan to publish two books more. It's still related to golf.

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