When we see the cartoon film such as Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry, we will see how funny those kind of mice. But how terrible we feel when they live together with our family and give some disadvantages for our family?
Mouse or Mice is the little animal and primarily nocturnal animals. Therefore, mice compensate for their poor eyesight with a keen sense of hearing, and rely especially on their sense of smell to locate food and avoid predators.
Moreover, mouse is like to live with people at home and make some unexpected thing, because mouse can be harmful rodents, damaging and eating crops, causing structural damages and spreading diseases through their parasites and feces. House mice are scavengers by nature and they are potential carriers of many diseases and if left untreated, could harm our family, and in the worse case scenario, this could be dangerous. When people breathing dust that has come in contact with mouse excrements has been linked to hantavirus, which may lead to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). These disadvantages of course will very disturb people and all family member at home. Therefore, it needs for cleaner surroundings and proper sanitation protocols were developed because of the black plague and we as a society found out just how deadly house mice and rats could be.
There are some tips in protecting our home against these mice:
  • Make our home and surrounds clean, especially kitchen and warehouse or storeroom. This will prevent the chances of house mice from invading our dwellings. The garbage must always be segregated and properly disposed of in an area far away from the kitchen. 
  • Pay attention to any sounds of mice in home, such as at wall and ceilings. Commonly, they have that scratching sound which can be heard throughout the day. By knowing the source of sounds of mice we know where they are commonly visits and we can set up the trap for them. But be careful in setting up these traps because these will make danger if we are careless.
  • Investigate walls and floors to see if there are any signs of mice., such as  any holes, or scratches. Mice will often make scratches in the floors or look at cracks in the walls or ceilings. If there is a serious infestation, better to call a professional exterminator to take care of the problem. In the long run, it may be better for our family for it prevents any unnecessary trip to the hospital for food poisoning due to ingestion of mice droppings.

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