Today and tomorrow, my children get holiday, today is Sunday and tomorrow is yje moelem Celebration day of Isro' Mi'roj. In this Sunday morning, after we pray together (it can be named as 'istighotsa', we commonly citate some praying word (do'a) in the morning and in the evening together everyday), we did activities together, all together. My hubby sweep the floor and mopped the floor, my first son bought some dishes for breakfast and lunch, wash the clothes, my second tidy up the clothes, and then both of them prepare all uniform for their school. My third, my fourth, and my fifth playing together, and I cooking, wash some dishes, and so on. During completing each activities, we talk about anything, so the house get so crowded and noises. We make a joke, and lough together, yet we also still remaind each other in order that the jokes do not make other disturbed. But, I think all of us have been understand each other, so anything goes well. I enjoy this morning togetherness.

This morning all of us agree to have the breakfast with 'tahu jebrot' and 'tempe penyet', so it will be very simple. As usual, all my fifth kids use 'nampan' (big plate) and they eat together in one plate. This habit will make their togetherness, and will make them tied emotionally, so they always remember each other when they got grown and separated by place. After we completing our breakfast, and all my children also have completed their tasks in preparing their school on Tuesday, we are back to do our each hobbies. All my four kids turn on their computers, and my fifth got sleeping, my hubby watch television, and I did my task. This morning I arrange one questionnaire about teacher credibility and the student attitude. It's easy because I have made the operational definition yesterday, so this morning I just arrange the understandable sentences and statement in a questionnaire.

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, my computer gets trouble with the internet connection, so I change the computer and use the other. Actually, my fourth would like to use this one, yet I said to her that I borrow this for a while. Moreover, my first has not use his computer anymore, and playing badminton with his friend, so there are other computers that can be used. So, my fourth is willing to use the other and I still use this one :)

And, now, it's time to prepare the evening time. So...........