Health Benefit of ICE CREAM

Recently, every morning Na and Kak Ifa would like to consume ice cream. This has been lasting for several days. The shopkeeper at Alfamart usually said that it is still morning, but why we buy ice cream. I just smile and said that they ask ice cream every morning. Firstly, I also wonder about their habit in consuming ice cream in the morning. Moreover, for Na, because she is still under two year. But when I saw that it is not taken the bad impact, I let them consume ice cream in the morning. Yet, I must give them breakfast at first.
Actually, not only Na and Kak Ifa who like cosuming ice cream but all of my children. I myself not consume it because I do not consume dairy product and meat, and also chicken :)
In this case I try to find the health benefit of ice cream in order that I can sure that my children consume them safely. Here I found one article about that:
  1. Ice cream is a good source of calcium.
  2. In general, less expensive ice cream has less fat.
  3. Federal standards require that anything labeled ice cream must be made with a minimum of 10 percent cream, milk or butter fat.
  4. Ice cream is not low in protein.
  5. Usually low-fat ice cream and low-fat ices are not lower in calories.
  6. Ice milk is about 6 percent fat and 50 percent air.
  7. Fruit ices are about 200 calories per cup.
  8. Low-fat frozen yogurts may be lower in fat, but they are usually higher in sugar than regular ice cream.
  9. A half-cup serving of fat-free frozen yogurt with artificial sweetener has not more than 100 calories.
  10. Just a sugar cone without ice cream has 60 calories, and a chocolate-dipped waffle cone has more than 200 calories.