When Na and Kak Ifa were Sleeping

Here are the pictures were taken when Na and Kak Ifa were sleeping

Na was sleeping after taking a bath and dressing. She was sound a sleep ........
But, at that time I had not been feed her yet ....

Kak Ifa was sleeping after going home from school. She often goes to school with Kak Dhila. Perhaps, Kak Ifa was so tired, so she got asleep without putting of her veil and before replacing her dresses. See, she also still brought her bag in her back ...

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1 Respones to "When Na and Kak Ifa were Sleeping"

oPa said...

duuh...kasian dedek nya..pasri pulang sekoah itu kecapekan yah..

November 30, 2008 at 6:11 AM

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