Sleeping and Baby Growth

All of my babies had their each common habit of sleeping. My first child was always wake up about 02.00 in the morning and would be sleeping after taking a bath on about seven o'clock in the morning. My second child was always wake up around 00.00, and would be sleeping when she was taking a bath too. My third child was always wake up in the night and would be sleeping when the dawn was coming, and would wake up again around nine o'clock in the morning. All three of them, even though never slept in the night, yet they are just stay on the bed. It was different with my fourth child, who always wake up in the early of night until around 00.00, but I must carry her or put her on my lap, if not, she would cry. And, my youngest child was also had a unique time of sleeping, she always woke up in the night and the time to sleep again would get progressing an hour, so if today she woke up on nine o'clock (21.00), so tomorrow she would got a sleep around ten o'clock (22.00), and so on.
Fortunately, when they were growing up, they can match the tie of sleeping well, in which, sleeping in the night and get activities in the day. Na, my youngest daughter also has been able to have this good habit. So even she was still under 2 years old, but she has good time schedule of sleeping. She will wake up in the morning and taking a nap in the day, usually before 12.00, and will get her sleep again on around 19.00 or 20.00.

Yet, what is the significance of sleeping for babies?
Actually, sleeping and babies growth have the significance correlations. Sleeping is the basic needs for babies growth. The enough time of sleeping for baby is the significance things for babies, because when they are sleeping, the brain will consolidate the memory and new experience or new knowledge. Muscle, skin, heart system, and blood channels, body metabolism system, and bone, will get the fast growth when they are sleeping, because in this time, their body will produce growth hormone three times more than when they are waking up.

The problem in sleeping will impact on babies physically (the normal growth problem, hormone excretion when sleeping, immune problem, and irregulation of endocrine system), cognitively (low reaction and low memory, and learning system problem), and will influence their mobilities.