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How to use the family time so qualified, so we have the quality time with our family all? The expression "quality time" is very common in our society today. What exactly does this phrase mean? To most people, this means concentrated, uninterrupted time to spend with children, spouses, or friends. It is believed that this time should make up in quality for what is missed in quantity. There are many expectations set up for quality family time and many times the reality of life does not meet our expectations, thus resulting in feelings of guilt and resentment.

One expectation of quality family time may be that it will be relaxed and free of conflict. It is also expected that it will provide an opportunity to have meaningful conversations and do worthwhile things with our loved ones.
Sometimes it hard to find the "right" time to actually schedule quality time. As children get older it also becomes difficult to schedule this time as they are usually very active with school and extra-curricular activities. Parents often expect children to be in a good mood when family events and activities are planned and this does not always happen. Moreover, when we have five little kids that need more and more attention from us anytime.

Recently, I visit the site named Family Time that author is the mom of five kids. When I read about her, I can feel what she feel everyday, because I also a mom of five kids, in which they are still very young to be given the responsiveness, more over for the fourth and fifth kids who are still so little.
This site is look so simple with the pink rose color shows that the owner is the woman. This site shows some photos of 5 kids and also the photos of the youngest child, the three month baby, so cute. In this site also conveys some routine activities that are doing together and also the activities of each children, from the morning until the morning again. By reading this site, anybody will know how great the merit of a mother, even though as a mom, there is no feel that this is so hard to do, doing some activities together with five little children.

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