Little Tips to Better Life

Recently, the economic situation gets changing so seriously. After monetary crisis in Asian on 1997-1998, the economic situation hasn’t bee getting better yet. But, now, by the global warming issues and the raising of gas price, it influences the people life in the world, because it is not only the gas price that gets raised, but all price of all kind of people necessities such as food, milk, vegetable oil, cloth, transportation cost, etc. To face that situation so, people must have some tips to get the better life such as take stock of the situation, protect themselves, and improve the financial future. But what kind of tips can be accomplished?

  • Be thrifty in money (always make a planning in money usage, in this case, people must be able to control themselves and their mind in order that they are not influenced easily by some advertising about any interesting product).
  • Hedge in consumption of electricity
  • Hedge the phone usage
  • Understand the inner characteristic in investing money
  • Always keep body health in order that not get illness easily
Actually, there still more wise tip, yet this little tips may be can help to be get the better life.

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