Have a Problem? Relax Please...

As the human being that lives in, of course, can not avoid the problem. Even, the characteristics of the life itself is the problem availability. Either as the individual or as family member that have the problem with husband, wife, parents, children, sister, brother, etc., and as the community member (in an organization, company, and government). The kind of problem are also various such as the problem related to fulfill the basic necessities, education, etc.

So, what must we do when we face the problem? Of course, we can not avoid it, but we must face it and make the best solution. But How? Exactly, facing the problem and solve it will make people get mature. So, never avoid the problem, always face it and solve it.One of many ways in problem solving strategic is by building the fair communication. But, the problem is sometimes, people get afraid to say fairly. Why? One of the answer is that because it is not so comfort to say the truth.

So, what must we do? Relaxing. When two people get the problem and both of them in 'hot' situation, so the other must be relax and cool down. Believe that the problem can raise because there is a misunderstanding between them. So, both can sit together and talk together. Give a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of water, and a bar of chocolate can make others cooling down and both can begin talk together in comfort.

Yes, sometimes, a cup of coffee or tea or a bar of chocolate, or other small thing can help people in solving the problem. That's whay, usually, the wife will give her husband a cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of coffee in the night when the husband is still busy with his hard work. And it will make the husband feels how care the wife.
So, just try it ...

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