IT’S NOT ENOUGH YET (abusive relationship experiences)

During the body is still has the warm blood and it flow to all the body, so it will be so hurt when the human was kill her thought and feeling, and also her heart for sake the happiness of other. Because, even though the medicine is very cheap and easy, yet she do not have the ability to purchase it, because there is not one person that sell it. The medicine is the sincerity and patience. Those two kind of medicine will be the efficacious drugs and anesthesia for me, and I must looking for the seller in order that I can purchase them…..Ouw, If I could be, because exactly they cannot be purchased, but they must be learned.


In the early of my first year of our marriage, it was often happens the challenges and scuffles that were caused by my feeling, emotions, and my thought still live. Yet, along with the time that going on, to let them alive will make the scuffle and the challenges will be great more and more. So, for the sake of our marriage, I must be acquiesce in loss them and let them killed slowly. Yes, so slowly and so hurt so much.

Sometimes, I want to kill myself, but I still have the children that need my attention and I also want to see them grow. So, I only can achieve my fate, achieve the bad treatment of my husband. Yes, I only can achieve and surrender. But, exactly, I’m in depression and stress.


The story above is one of the story about the wife who has the abusive relationships with her husbands. This couple is of course not the harmonic and ideal couple. The husband is usually not only crude in the words but also crude in the behaviour. If the wife do something that does not agree with him, his words will suffer and hurt the other. Defection, grumble, complain, and other kind of abuse verbally will be heard. Not only that, striking, kicking, and slap with the flat of the hand, and other bad deed will be given to his wife, hand even, his children. Not only that, the table, furniture, tools, wall, door, windows, etc., will be thrown forcefully. Wow, it is so make the other will be scare of him. Yet, for the wife, it will be the common scene in her life.

Even though, the husband have those worst deed, but the wife usually will give her apologize and just feel confused with her husband. Because, after those bad deed, usually, her husband ask her to forgive him and has the high attention, praise her so much, and state that he can live without her.

This abusive relationship is the complicated problem because it involve the psychological problem. Based on the study about the psychoanalysis, exactly, the abuser (usually husband), ever experienced the suffer deed from other, or, in other word, he is the victim of the abusive verbally or non verbally, either from his parents or others that play the important role for his life in that time. That’s why, the abusive relationship need the appropriate solution for both of couple, either wife or husband (as the abuser).

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