Childhood is the age when people form their characteristic and personality. The research that had been conducted by British psychologists  revealled that childhood bonds affect the person of a woman in adulthood. The research classified the type of woman as a doughter experience and her bonds on someone either mother, father, grandmother, or grand father. 

The four groups are:
  • Dad’s daughters. They grow into self-confident, success-oriented women who get along with men well, but tend to be too emotional and capricious.
  • Mom’s daughters. Mom’s daughters are likely to become the most feminine of all. They tend to be more responsible as adults but are shy and have difficulties coping with personal problems.
  • Grandmom’s grand-daughters. They will likely to become idealists who are very exacting about themselves and the others, preserving that all-or nothing childish attitude.
  • Granddad’s grand-daughters. This type tends to grow into understanding and compassionate persons but suffer from low self-esteem throughout their adulthood.
Now, what kind of doughter you are?