Upin and Ipin is a good Islamic cartoon for children. This film is very good with computer animation design. The topic also very good and Islamic. Some of them are about Tarawih prayer, Fast in the Month of Ramadhan, Zakat donation, Salam, etc. Upin and Ipin is very good and educative. By watching Upin and Ipin, our children could learn how to behave well according to Islamic teaching. This film is also very attractive and funny.  
Upin Ipin is a series of animated shorts produced by Malaysian animation house Les’ Copaque Production, and also the titular characters of the series. The producers of Upin and Ipin are Haji Burhanuddin bin Md Radzi and Hajjah Ainon binti Ariff. Upin and Ipin is directed by  Muhammad Usamah Zaid bin Yasin. One of the animator of this cartoon is from Indonesia, she is Marsha Chikita Fawzi, the youngest doughter of Marissa Haque and Ikang Fawzi, actress and actor from Indonesia.

Here is the short description of Upin and Ipin Cartoon Film:
Upin & Ipin is originally a side-product for the film Geng: The Adventure Begins which would also feature the fictional young twins.

Upin and Ipin are five-year-old identical twin brothers living in a Malay-Muslim household with their sister Ros and maternal grandmother Mak Uda (“Opah”). They are orphans (in episode six, the twins, Ros and Opah were seen visiting their parents’ graves), and they live in a village known as Kampung Durian Runtuh in Malaysia.
As of October 2008, two seasons of Upin & Ipin had been aired, both during the Islamic month of Ramadan in the years 2007 and 2008, on TV9 in Malaysia and TPI in Indonesia. The show debuted in Disney Channel Asia and was dubbed in English on 23rd November, 2009 as part of So Syok! Holidays of Disney Channel.

The characters of Upin and Ipin are:

* Upin and Ipin (Nur Fathiah binti Diaz)
* Ros (Noor Ezdiani binti Ahmad Fawzi [season 1]; Ida Shaheera binti Azhar [season 2 onwards])
* Mak Uda (Hjh. Ainon binti Ariff)
* Rajoo (Kannan a/l Rajan)
* Fizi (Ida Rahayu binti Isop @ Yusoff)
* Ehsan (Mohd. Syahmi bin Abdul Hamid)
* Mei Mei (Tang Ying Sowk)
* Mail (Muhammad Hasrul bin Mohd. Isa)
* Jarjit (Mohd. Shafiq bin Mohd. Isa)
* Ijat (Muhammad Izzat bin Ngathiman)
* Dzul (Mohd. Amirul bin Zarizan)
* Devi (Maheswary a/p Mohan)
* Susanti (Sarah Nadhirah binti Azman)
* Tok Dalang (Abu Shafian bin Abdul Hamid)

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upin and ipin don't be a mad to your friends ang family...your so cute...be a responsibility...and be a smart...youre the best nc1 upin and ipin =)

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upin and open is the best

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